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A Word From The Scribe

I have never accomplished great things. I have no great beauty. I do not have a fat bank account. I have four children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I am a 74 year old widow. In other words, I am a very ordinary person with all the ordinary problems, joys, sorrows that are common to us all. I have no great wisdom. I have no solutions to life's dilemmas. But, I have met Someone who has.

I have met Someone who, for reasons unknown to me, has chosen to speak to me. For almost thirty years, I have been listening to His voice. He has directed me on paths that have left me in various states of confusion, doubt, fear, joy but always has left me in a state of awe. I have watched Him take a seemingly impossible situation and come up with the most amazing solution. I have seen Him turn what appeared to be the most disastrous event into a most profound learning experience. I have learned that He never judges anyone because He understands. In other words, I have come to know the Lord.

During these past years, I have merely recorded what He has taught me. I have tucked away volumes of listening "experiences". They are tucked away on scraps of paper, in notebooks and in a little book called Amen. I thought that perhaps the time has come to share some of these to any who might be interested.

My one desire is that someone might stop to listen... to listen to a Voice that will never let you down, that will give you understanding, that will lead to peace no matter what may befall you, and will help you walk on a path of faith that is the only stable thing in a chaotic world. It is not a promise of riches or fame. It is not a promise of a trouble-free path, but it is the greatest promise of all.... "I will be with you through every trial, through every heartbreak, through every day of your life." Can we ask for more?

With this in mind, I offer the following......


Find out about a wonderful little book written about "A Scribe" by Frankie Nicholas entitled......

"A Prophet In Our Midst"

- In Memorium -

Jean Crump, known as "A Scribe" passed away
January 17th in the year of our Lord 2002.

The following was written and presented at
her funeral by her grand daughter Della.

My grandmother was many things to many people:

She was a mother and a grandmother,
She was a sister and a daughter,
She was a wife,
She was a friend and she was a mentor.

She was a woman of incredible faith, who lived her life according to the Lord's commands.

She was a prolific writer; faithfully recording each lesson and insight that the Lord had made known to her.

She was also a wonderful artist, who was inspired by God to illustrate His plans.

But those of us who had the pleasure of really knowing her knew that she was also--

Strength in times of trouble,
Shelter from a cold world,
Order in the midst of chaos,
and the Pillar of our family.

Her life was a testament of God's love for us.
She faithfully provided answers to our questions and direction for our lives.

But those of us who really knew her also knew her that there were many things that she was not:

She was not wealthy,
She was not powerful,
She was not concerned with status or outward appearances.
She was not judgmental or boastful of her talents.

By the world's standards she was not a success.
But, thankfully she strived to meet a higher standard.

Because of her humility,
Because of her devotion,
Because of her love,
Because of her faith,
She never gained the rewards of this world.

But now that her time on this earth is over, we all know that she is now reaping her rewards in heaven.

And I just want to say a final thank you to her for touching all of our lives in unique and powerful ways and giving us the desire to live up to a higher standard as well.


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