Seven Angels with Seven Golden Trumpets

There were seven radiant angels robed in garments white,
Each holding a golden trumpet, long and tapering and gleaming bright.
Over the head of each angel hovered an ominous cloud.
The name of the cloud was "Thunder", foretelling Judgment of the wicked and proud.

The first angel blew his trumpet - a woeful, quivering wail,
Resounding over the earth - warning of impending travail.
The thunder crashed and the lightning crackled as swiftly to earth it fled,
The streaking bolt struck the heart of Pride midst dire rumblings from overhead.

The second angel blew his trumpet and the thunder rolled once more,
As a bolt of lightning sped to earth and Arrogance was pierced to the core.

The third angel blew his trumpet - lightning sped forth with alarming speed,
While the thunder rolled, the bolt struck deep - into the soul of Greed.

The fourth angel blew his trumpet, the bolt of lightning quickly thrust...
On to the earth, finding its mark...shattering the thirst of Lust.

The fifth angel blew his trumpet and the bolt of lightning flew,
Striking the heart of Envy, as the rumblings threateningly grew...

The sixth angel blew his trumpet...the bolt erupting with terrible power...
Those who reviled God...were approaching their final hour.

When the seventh angel blew his trumpet, the earth grew hushed and still...
No more! No more shall the peoples of earth mock the Father's Will!

Heavenly voices were raised as one...the chorus swelling in joyful song...
"At last, at last, Your Judgments are true! Right has prevailed o'er Wrong!
Judgment has come upon the earth, 'tis time for heaven to rejoice!"
"Come, oh come, all who walked by faith," says a tender, loving Voice.


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