The Age of Science

Man is so full of himself, so proud of what he achieves.
"The Age of Science!" he cries, "See what the mind conceives!
I believe we can do all things...we've opened vistas so vast!
Technology has opened doors that were closed to us in the past!"

Why then does chaos swirl, hearts bloated with vanity and greed?
What purpose the great discoveries, advancing with alarming speed?
Technology now in command, the world lay at its finger tips,
Unearthing knowledge never heard of before spewing from silent lips.

What once would have taken years, technology can do in a flash!
But remember, of Man of Science, the living and the lifeless must clash.
Man worshipped the golden calf, the graven image filled him with awe,
The golden calf's new name - Technology - the house of straw.

When given the choice once more, it's knowledge that you seek.
Pouring your living thoughts into graven images that cannot speak.
The temptation from the onset of Man was that Knowledge held the key,
Knowledge making man master, as far as he can see.

As it was in the beginning, so it is once more.
Choosing the Tree of Knowledge just as he had before.
Determined to be master, equal to his God,
Ignoring the Path to heaven where the angels once had trod.


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