As It Was In The Beginning

In the very beginning before Time itself began,
Before the earth was created, before the advent of Man
Brightness filled the universe, no need for Darkness yet,
Until the Clock of Time emerged, Earth's calendar firmly set.

The angels had no need to separate night from day,
Until the brightest angel rebelled against the Father's way.
A thought came to his mind...and a spot of darkness appeared,
His glorious light was blemished, his perfect being smeared.

"How great I am," the angel thought...and the spot of darkness grew...
"Why should I worship here?" he said..."I'd like a place that's new!"
So the Father cast him out from the Holy and the True,
And drew a boundary line, dividing the Kingdom in two.

He then withdrew His light and the Kingdom of Darkness was born,
Other angels left as well, now filled with pride and scorn.
Creation was split in two, two kingdoms side by side.
Never again Perfection to reign, 'til the Light dispels the Pride.

The new kingdom was given a name - its name was called "The Lie".
"For your arrogance," said the Father, "I shall blind Truth from your eye..
The Lie shall be your master, you shall believe it with all your heart.
'Til the Day of Delusion is ended, and I bid Delusion depart."

When Man was called into being, to populate the earth,
The choice of either kingdom was given to him at birth.
Sadly the Father watched - as Man chose to walk in the dark,
Welcoming the fallen kingdom as the way to make his mark,.

Man, too, believed the Lie as he stumbled thru his days,
For there was no light to show him - the futility of his ways.
Then thru the terrible darkness, a radiant light burst in!
But Man was filled with anger, for the light exposed his sin.

'Twas the Father's Son filled with light...that the men of earth denied.
For a while they lived in His light, but in fear watched when He died.
The kingdoms were clearly defined - the choice of bond or free.
Darkness for those who wished to hide and light for those who wished to see.

As Time grew old and weary, and the midnight hour drew near,
Chaos filled creation, and men's hearts were filled with fear.
They knew not Time's days were numbered, what eternity held in store...
When the Kingdom of Truth alone will stand ...the need for darkness no more.


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