Freedom! Freedom!

Man cries

"Freedom, freedom, we die for your cause!
Raise its banner on high!"
Freedom, freedom, the lofty ideal,
but freedom from what you cry.

"Freedom from ignorance!" one mans shouts,
"Knowledge holds the key!"
"Freedom from want!" another intones,
"Bread for ev'ry family!"

"Freedom of speech!" a voice is raised,
"To say whatever we please!"
"Freedom of choice!" the bondsman cries,
"To live the life of ease!"

"Freedom! Freedom!" echo the masses,
words quivering in the air,
"Freedom, freedom to be ourselves...
to do whatever we dare!"

So Freedom was given to the land,
opportunity to fill man's desire,
But Freedom was rent and torn to shreds,
unable to quench man's fire.

"See, I have knowledge! Ignorant no more!
Just see what I can do!"
See, I have bread and much, much more!
I have no need of you!"

"See, I can say whatever I wish...
no matter the words are cruel!"
"See, I am free, no longer enslaved...
no matter how harsh my rule!

And Freedom lay wounded in the dust,
bruised and bleeding and torn,
Scarcely recognizable,
shredded and soiled and worn.

Footsteps trampling 'til little remains
of the banner once held high,
No one aware of its saddened plight,
no questioning, bewildered eye.

Knowledge was hollow and hunger returned
and words were empty voices,
The demanding fist raised no more,
futility mocking his choices.

"Freedom," man whispers, "It has no meaning...
what is there left to pursue?
It's merely a figment of man's own mind.
It's merely a point of view."

Then Freedom stirred, struggling to rise,
tho' feeble and barely alive,
Desperately yearning to be heard,
desperately yearning to survive.

Waiting for one to note its plight,
to lift it high once more.
To tenderly gather its remnants,
to raise it on high as before.

For Freedom lay deep in the heart of each man,
but the demons of his mind,
Keep it imprisoned by unseen bars while
Freedom struggles that it not be confined.


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