Let the Healing Begin

I saw an ancient highway, an old abandoned pathway,
Formed in ages past, now crumbling with decay.
Angels had trod this path, preparing for the advent of Man,
Awaiting God's crowning creation - in accordance with His good plan.

The path was a glorious link between the Father and His Creation,
That Man might come to Him, to ensure a loving relation.
The angels had carefully tended the path, fired with anticipation,
Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Man, to see his look of elation.

The Day dawned bright and glorious...the day that Man was formed,
From the dust of the earth, the Father breathed Life and Man's soul was stirred and warmed.
The angels watched from the trodden path...the scene of awakening birth,
And stepped aside to make way for Man... new masters of the earth.

Man looked about in wondrous awe...such unspeakable beauty there!
Incredible beauty, unsurpassed, perfection everywhere!
He saw the radiant pathway where the angels had trod before.
He, too, was free to walk on the path...the path to Heaven's door.

He turned to inspect the creation, master of all he could see,
Could scarcely believe as he whispered, "All this is subject to me!"
The pathway was soon forgotten, so enthralled was he with his prize,
Naming the beasts of the fields and the birds that soared in the skies.

Never did Man tread the path, never to step on the highway,
For the Father had bade His angel to guard it both night and day.
The angels stood sadly by, watching man's growing confusion,
Strutting across the lands, swaggering 'neath false delusion.

Sickness filled the earth and Death was a constant danger,
Toil and labor became man's plight and Joy became a stranger.
So the Father called His Son and crowned Him King of Kings,
And bade Him go down to earth with healing in His wings.

The angel let Him pass and He stepped into the ailing land,
Filled with pity and longing, He held out His healing hand.
The multitudes gathered 'round Him, desperately seeking relief.
"Let it be so," He told them, "According to your belief."

He offered healing to all who came, healing to all who would ask,
Revealing the power of God, fulfilling His God-given task.
He called to the Guard of the Pathway, "The Pathway must be restored!
Enough of the sadness and heartbreak! Healing must come!" said the Lord.


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