Healing Knows No Bounds

Pain knocked at my door and I cried, "I cannot let you in!"
Then Sorrow called my name and I could feel my tears begin.
I covered my ears and begged them to go, to let me find some peace.
Why couldn't they understand when I pleaded with them for release?

But they knocked and they called and I knew no rest until I could stand no more!
In a frenzy of desperation, I unbolted, flung open my door.
"I know you mean to crush me!" I cried out in despair..
I looked around in fear...but I saw no one was there!

Then in a flash I saw them! They were locked within my heart!
"Too late, too late," I moaned as I bid them begone and depart.
They have fled and left me forlorn...they have taken away my soul,
Freed from this life at last...but to pay such a grievous toll...

Pain and Sorrow flew up to the Lord and told Him about my plight,
And the Lord looked down with pity, but tears were blinding my sight.
I stood before Him trembling..."I did not know," I cried.
"I thought they meant to enter, but instead they were locked inside..."

"Whatever can I do now? Wherever can I turn?
With my own hand, I took my life...too late to live and learn.
"Come," said the Lord so gently, "Mercy is in My hand.
I was called the Man of Sorrows, so well do I understand.

"My healing knows no bounds...does not cease with mortal life.
It's never too late to bind and mend that soul tormented with strife.
If man could but understand...the bottomless well of My love,
It reaches the deepest depths, flowing with Grace from the Father above."


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