Man vs. Woman

Rebellion rising from midst the ranks - against an unseen master,
Spiraling toward confrontation, spiraling ever faster.
The Ruler demanding obedience, the Ruled demanding her right,
Widening the gulf between them, a seemingly impossible plight.

Man seeking to crush all resistance, to maintain a rigid control,
Woman bristling with indignation, both taking its disastrous toll.
Chaos now reigning supreme... all boundary lines withdrawn...
The conflict of the ages, all semblance of order gone.

Who will determine the outcome...
that Justice might prevail?
Who will still the conflict?
Who ultimately will prevail?


Let the Ruler be ruled and let the Ruled now rule,
With roles reversed for a time, who then be called the fool?
When each has had its turn, when each has had its day,
Let then their deeds be judged, let then each have his say.

Who will stand as Judge that true Justice might be done?
Who will have the Wisdom to determine the final outcome?
The Father calls His Son, bades Him stand close by His side,
As He calls both Ruled and Ruler to be tested and be tried.

The Father holds a measuring rod next to His Perfect Son,
Then calls the one who ruled - to see what he had done.
"Did you rule with justice?" The Father quietly asks.
"Did you mete out mercy while carrying through your tasks?"

The Ruler briefly hesitates, as he mutters weak objection,
Seeing the folly of his ways as he stands before Perfection.
He hangs his head in shame, for he sees his reign was cruel.
Mercy and Justice were not his aim. He saw how harsh his rule.

The Son was The Perfect shrunk from the Measuring Rod.
Who could attain this perfection as he stands before his God?
"If you beg forgiveness," the Father says, "For the mercy you did not show,
Your arrogance will be forgiven and you are free to go."

Then He calls the Ruled - to stand next to the Measuring Rod,
And she saw how perfectly the Son had obeyed as she stands before her God.
"How well did you accept - the role that was given to you?
Were you content?" the Father asks, "To do what you were asked to do?"

Briefly the Ruled one hesitates as she stammers her weak objection,
Seeing the folly of her ways as she stands before Perfection.
She hangs her head in shame, seeing she rebelled from the start..
She did not wish to be ruled, for the Ruler had hardened her heart.

The Son was perfect Obedience...she shrunk back from the Measuring Rod.
Who could attain this perfection as she stands before her God?
"If you beg forgiveness," The Father says, "For the obedience you did not show,
Your rebellion will be forgiven and you are free to go.

"First I shall do a new thing - that the Ruler and Ruled understand.
The Ruler shall now be ruled and the Ruled shall be in command.
No one shall look to the other, pointing in mock derision,
Tasting both authority and submission, before the Hour of Decision."

Only the Perfect Leader allows the follower to be freed.
Only the Perfect Follower allows the True Leader to lead.


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