The Statue Made Of Clay

I saw a statue high on a hill, a statue made of clay,
A statue fashioned by man's own hands, resembling him in ev'ry way.
People were going about their tasks, glancing briefly at what they created.
It had stood there a very long time and their interest had waned and abated.

Centuries of neglect had taken its toll, cracks and chips in need of repair,
But no one paid it any mind...the statue with its empty stare.
A stranger appeared walking in their midst and questioned a passerby,
"What is that statue, larger than life, looming there 'gainst the sky?"

"Oh that!" came the answer, "That is the Lord! We made him with our very own hands!
He has stood there for ages, a very long time, and still, as promised, He stands!"
"But he looks just like you," the stranger replied, "Except that it cannot speak..."
The man's eyes flew upward, considering the thought and stammered with alibi weak....

"Why, I think it's perhaps to remind we don't forget Him, you see...
Why would it matter that it doesn't speak...we've heard the words repeatedly!"
The stranger looked straight in his eyes, "But why does it look like you?
If you have never seen Him for yourself, how do you know the image is true?"

"Well, He was a man just like else would we perceive Him?
We gathered together and with much discussion, we agreed on how to conceive Him."
"But where is the life?" the stranger asked. "That statue is lifeless and dead.
I thought His life was forever with the Spirit to follow in His stead.."

"The statue reminds us of that! We haven't forgotten at all...
We often discuss this among ourselves...these things we often recall.
Why are you asking these questions? Don't remember seeing you before!
How come you don't know all about this. I don't want to talk any more.

"There's something suspicious about you...your questions sound strangely accusing...
Why don't you go back from where you came. You're not the least bit amusing...."
Suddenly storm clouds appeared, the sky turned threatening and black.
Lightning flashed and the thunder rolled...then came a deafening crack!

Horrified eyes stared unbelieving...their statue was rent in two!
Toppling as tho' in slow motion...then swiftly gone from view!
Countless pieces scattered o'er the hillside, smashed and torn asunder...
Not a sound was heard, not even a breath...then one last roll of thunder.

Suddenly on the hilltop, where the statue had stood in its place,
The stranger now stood in its stead, looking down at each shocked face.
Mightily He grew in stature 'til He towered above them on high...
While men watched with fear and wonder...confusion in every eye.


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